Mosquito Joe of Metro Detroit protects your outdoor event from pesky party crashers!

Have a special outside event coming up at your home or another outdoor area? Then it’s time to send out those invitations! However, there are a few guests you may not want on your attendee list; mosquitoes, ticks and fleas! Your backyard party, barbecue, wedding, family or reunion should be remembered for the good times instead of the mosquito bites. Add Mosquito Joe of Metro Detroit to the guest list and our trained technicians we’ll make sure your event is one to be remembered!

So How Do Mosquito Joe Special Event Treatments Work?

Mosquito Joe of Metro Detroit will come to your event location in advance to apply a barrier spray and ensure that your guests don’t suffer mosquito bites. Dry within 30 minutes and applied well before food is prepared, special event sprays provide protection throughout your special day, from setup to the last dance – giving you less to worry about!

Regardless of the Type of Special Event, Mosquito Joe of Metro Detroit Has You Covered!

Graduations:outdoor graduation
When graduation day is right around the corner, students begin counting down until they get to cross the stage and throw their cap in the air. What they don’t imagine is having to use their cap to swat away pesky mosquitoes! Whether it’s graduation day or a graduation party, with Mosquito Joe of Metro Detroit on the guest list, this milestone will be enjoyed swat-free!

outdoor weddingWeddings:
Outdoor weddings provide beautiful backdrops like a breath-taking vineyard, a serene bay, colorful flowers from a garden or an intimate, candle-lit backyard. However, there are a few wedding crashers who will ruin the ambiance immediately; mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. Don’t let these unruly guests be part of your wedding day décor and ditch the spray-on insect repellent party favors. Let Mosquito Joe of Metro Detroit be the best security against these pesky party crashers and soon you’ll be saying I do to your new life and I don’t to mosquitoes.

Barbecue/Summer Party:outdoor bbq
When summer arrives, it’s time to break out the grill and call family, friends and neighbors over for a barbecue! Let Mosquito Joe of Metro Detroit know when your next BBQ is taking place and the team will come beforehand to ensure your day outside is free from bites and scratching. The delicious aroma of cooking shouldn’t be ruined by the smell of citronella candles and your family should be enjoying the food set out on the table, instead of becoming the meal themselves. Mosquito Joe provides outdoor party mosquito control to ensure you and your guests can enjoy the get-together itch-free!

outdoor family reunionFamily Reunion:
Having a family reunion this year? This should be a chance to spend quality time with those long-distance relatives that you haven’t seen in a while. Enjoy a meal outdoors or bond while playing backyard games. However, you choose to spend your time, enjoy it bite-free and give Mosquito Joe of Metro Detroit a call!

Birthday Party:outdoor birthday party
Birthdays only come once a year and what better way to celebrate than with an outdoor birthday gathering? There are so many fun things to do to commemorate another great year; break out the water balloons, rent a bounce house, or participate in a relay race. But the only thing that invitees should be swinging at during the next birthday party is the piñata and the last “gift” anyone would want is itchy mosquito bites! Give the gift of a swat-free birthday party with help from Mosquito Joe!

Call Mosquito Joe of Metro Detroit for mosquito control services for your next party! Or check out our services to see all of the outdoor pest control services we offer in Rochester Hills and surrounding areas!

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